Friday, September 29, 2006

Hand tinting

I don't get to do much of this nowadays, which is a shame because I really quite enjoy it. Hand tinting is just a fancy term for colouring in - crayoning, in this case. The hard work's all been done, the drawing finished and printed. Now all that's required is a bit of colour. And if you mess it up, you can always take another print and try again. So it's really not too stressful.

Knitting must be a similar activity, I guess, in that once you've acquired the necessary skill, you can knit and do other things at the same time. Talk, for instance, or listen to some music or a radio play. Or just sit and think. It's great.

Most of the hand tinting work I do is for private collectors - usually frontispiece illustrations for The Various and Celandine. I'll put up a post about the book collectors market some other time. An amazing world that I never knew existed until relatively recently. Amazing people too.

The example shown isn't all that sharp, but it was handy. I use German water colour pencils - 'Albrecht Durer' by Faber-Castell. Had the same box (a present from my wife) for about twenty years now.

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