Monday, October 23, 2006

Work in progress

I'm currently producing a series of prints, privately commissioned by Hoxton Fine Arts. There will be three prints for each book title in the trilogy - three for The Various, three for Celandine and three for WinterWood - so nine in all.

Each trio of prints is designed to be displayed in a row, with the bramble motif linking them together. The one shown here will be the central print for The Various series. I was originally going to do an illustrated map of Mill Farm and its surroundings, but it seemed to work better as an aerial view - albeit a slightly distorted one.

The prints will be all be signed and numbered, and I shall put a link to Hoxton Fine Arts here and on my website when the time comes. I've also committed to producing a few hand-tinted versions of these prints. I must be mad.

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