Tuesday, November 28, 2006

From Ali da G. to Leo da V.

I posted a couple of months ago about a kids' history book that I'd been asked to write. Originally the subject was to have been Napoleon, but then it was changed to Alexander the Great.

Writer Tom Saunders pointed out to me in this very blog that Mr. The-Great was perhaps a little too fond of children for comfort. I reported this fact back to the publishers and the project was pulled. Now they've gone for Leonardo da Vinci.

Mr. da Vinci's activities were of course entirely confined to painting, drawing, and inventing the helicopter. (Oh yes they were, and there's an end to it.)


Dolores D'Annolfo said...

Hi Steve,

Sounds like a great project. I don't know much about da Vinci (I'm more of a Michelangelo fan -LOVE him) other than he and Raphael were doing the hippity dippity - though I do believe he was of age at the time - so you won't encounter the same issue as you did with Alexander the Great.

I love the book illustrations here in your blog - they are wonderful!


Steve Augarde said...

Ha ha! The Hippity Dippity? Wasn't that one of those sixties dances like the Mashed Potato?

Thanks for dropping by, DD.