Thursday, December 14, 2006

Another old friend

Having a distinctive illustration style can be either an asset or a hindrance. If potential clients picture your work when they're assembling the brief, then that's good. But if you then become too closely associated with one particular style you may find yourself overlooked when said style goes out of fashion.

I've survived by being a bit of jack-of-all-trades. Most of my work is 'cartooney', in that I tend to draw an outline of some sort and then colour it in. I used to keep the above illustration of a baby blackbird in my folder, just to demonstrate to agencies that I wasn't a one trick pony and that I could work in other styles if required.


Tom Saunders said...

Beautiful drawing. I feel just like the bird looks some mornings.

Steve Augarde said...

You mean young and innocent with all your life ahead of you?


(Thanks Tom)

Tom Saunders said...

No, more what the devil am I doing here?

Steve Cox said...

I remember Bump...and you at The Art Factory just off Cotham Hill in the late 80's. I was just starting up a design and illustration company in Clifton specialising in merchandising. I was involved with Count Duckula, Roland Rat and The Trap Door at the time. I think you were also working on something called Big Bertha?

The last time I met you was in The Alma Vale Tavern in about 1999.

The last thing I remember you saying to me was "nobody ever got rich from illustrating children's books..."

Maybe you were almost right but it's still better than working in Tescos.

Hi Steve...remember me?

Steve Augarde said...

Hey Steve, of course I remember you! Apologies if you posted this some time ago - I don't very often look back through the archives.

Yes, Duckula and Roland Rat were big tasks as I recall, lots of work (and therefore offering some security) but pretty daunting. I thought you were brave to take them on.

The Art Factory was a great place to be, and I think about it often. I still miss the companionship of a shared studio. If I wasn't more involved with writing than illustration nowadays I'd seriously consider trying to set up something similar again.

Send me an email - and in the meantime I'll take a look at your site. Good to hear from you.

Steve Cox said...

Hey Steve, I just emailed you.

All the best