Friday, January 12, 2007


Anybody got any ideas? I need about another three copies of myself. Workload is scary at the moment, but like any other freelancer, I never seem to learn how to say no.

Winter Wood needs about another six weeks on the writing. I could also do with six weeks in order to produce the cover artwork and interior illustrations. Then, as of today, I should be working on the history book previously mentioned: Leonardo da Vinci. (Which is going to be good, I think. Went down to London yesterday and had a very useful meeting with the editors.)That could be another month or two of solid writing.

So those are the three most pressing projects. Then there are two others that are lurking round the corner and likely to jump out and bite me at any minute: the comic strip, and the board-book version of Tractor factory.

The problem is that all these things are supposed to happening at exactly the same time. Eek. As we say in the trade.


Tom Saunders said...

Feast or famine, mate.

Steve Augarde said...

Yes, and either way I moan. I think I need to go on a gruntling course and get myself re-gruntled.

gaith abdulla said...

I think a hectic schedule is the only think that keeps a person going.
But i really could never do two things at once, i get distracted too easily.
Good luck.

Steve Augarde said...

Thanks, Gaith. If you want to get something done then ask a busy person, as they say.