Thursday, January 25, 2007

Virtual pain

I came back from a trip to Paris last week to find my computer fried. Everything gone, blank screen, nightmare. Since then I've had two new motherboards fitted, plus a new power supply and new hard drive in an attempt to bring the thing back to life. At last the problem has been resolved, and tonight I come limping back into e world a sadder and somewhat reduced man.

All my email addresses have gone, and all record of emails sent. Ever. This is the ethernet equivalent of being washed up on some rocky shore with no recollection of a former life. To all friends, readers, collectors, and independent booksellers who have been in touch with me over the last couple of years: PLEASE EMAIL ME,( so that I can begin to rebuild my address book. Seriously, do it. Thank you.

In the meantime I begin sifting through the wreckage of formats and programmes, thankful that this is, after all, only virtual pain.

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