Thursday, February 22, 2007

More weird collector stuff

Online writer friend Robin Slick (see 'writer' links) has been showing me how to do the Amazon associate thing - it's that piece of flash gittery down on the left there, with all the book jackets. I'm in two minds about it. Selling books is good, but not at the expense of the small independents.

However, some of those displayed on the left are actually independents who've linked through Amazon themselves, so perhaps I shouldn't feel too bad.

The title that caught my eye as I was wrestling with the html was 'We're Going On An Airplane', one of my pop-up books. Best price £39.67, it says. Seems a bit expensive, I thought. But when I click on the link I see that used copies of this book are priced at up to £156.48. I could find no easily available information as to why this should be. What's going on? Are those crazy collector type people branching out in another direction or is this just a spolling mistook?

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