Monday, December 03, 2007

A note to collectors.

Many collectors prefer to buy their copies of my books direct from me, signed and dated. Information has been sent out recently with a misquote of the retail cover price for Winter Wood. It should have read £12.99 and not £13.99. Discounted price for signed copies direct from me should therefore have been £10.99. Apologies.


mais oui said...

A signed Copy would be fabulous.
Since I am from Germany I wonder how the money transfer would be managed.

is it possible to do the transfer via credit-card?

And can I pre-order such a signed copy?

I am looking forward any further information (my e-mail is, just in case...)

Best regards,

Steve Augarde said...

Hallo again, Vera. An email is on its way!

rmbecker said...

Hi Steve, I ran across your Note to Collectors and would like to order a signed collectible copy of Winter Wood. I previously obtained very special signed copies of both The Various and Celandine. What is the cost of shipping to the USA? Also, do you accept Paypal payments? Thanks very much, RMBecker

Steve Augarde said...

So sorry - I've only just seen this post! It's probably easiest to contact me by email if you're still interested. (