Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I shall be in Harrods tomorrow (Thurs 31st Jan) to sign some copies of Winter Wood for them. 4pm.

Feel free to come and make funny faces at me.


Vanessa said...

Hope it went well and there were queues around the department for you. Hope our place isn't too much of a let down!

Steve Augarde said...

It was quite funny, actually. I'd had a bit of a prang in my car on the way to the station that morning. Nothing very serious. But in the middle of the Harrods signing session my mobile rang. It was the other party involved in the accident, determined to talk car insurance. It wasn't easy to explain why this really wasn't a great time to be discussing the matter.

Steve Augarde said...

PS. Will get back to you asap, Vanessa, re Edinburgh visit to your shop. I'm looking forward to it!