Saturday, January 12, 2008

Man flu II

Hm. I see from my records that it was just under a year ago that I last had a bout of man flu. I likened it at the time to malaria, and was certainly right to do so because, apart from the terrible symptoms of the disease, there is the same tendency to recur. Mine has flared up again, and I'm reminded of an old chap I once knew who'd been out in Burma during the Second World War. He used to get something very similar to this I remember, although I suspect he might have been exaggerating how poorly he felt.

Some people are like that, I've noticed. They expect tea and sympathy for all their little ills, but are niggardly when it comes to reciprocation. 'Oh come on,' I say, 'You've still got one good leg left. No good hopping around feeling sorry for yourself. Buck up!' And then when it's me who's ill - really properly ill - they can be quite unfeeling and dismissive.

I might have to fall back on my old Dad's remedy at last and drink some whiskey, a thing I never do because I don't like whiskey very much. Now that's a measure of how bad I am.

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