Saturday, February 23, 2008


For anyone forced to share office space with one of those terrible 'motivation' pictures, here's an amusing antidote:


bevjackson said...

well, at least the photography is good! LOL, I read your message as "here's an anecdote..." (antidote)
I kept looking for the story....

Steve Augarde said...

Yes, it's the fact that the photography is such an exact match for the originals that makes it work, I think.

Mr Gnome said...


Yes - the infinite gradations re comics.

We were allowed Eagle, Swift and Robin.

The others were all deemed a bit 'common'.

Then along came the 'educational' ones. But the gradations persisted. 'Look and Learn' was thought inferior. 'Knowledge' was OK.

This last was given to me weekly by a kind relative - oceans of guilt because I was obliged to grateful for a publication I found SO dull.

Do you remember Waldorf and Ceceil in Eagle? Glorious.

Super blog, by the way.

Mr Gnome said...

: - )

Steve Augarde said...

You run a very tidy blog yourself, Mr. Gnome! I was thinking about Ronald Searle only the other day. I keep meaning to write a post on automata, and his name would of course be included - along with the likes of Rowland Emmett and Sam Smith.

I see from your links that we have a mutual friend: Michael Burton. Mick and I were at art college together many years ago.