Thursday, May 01, 2008


I'm driving up to Scotland next week, to Aberdeen and then Edinburgh, in order to give a series of talks and workshops. I think of myself as living in the 'north' already, and so was amazed to see from the map of Britain that I'm barely in the middle. In fact it's actually further from here to Aberdeen than it is to Cornwall. More of this later...

...which it now is. Yes, I'm off to Aberdeen Unversity for the run-up to the Word festival on Wed 7th and Thurs 8th May. I shall be holding two paper-engineering workshops for younger children, and offering my usual cast-iron guarantee that every child's little pop-up card, made by themselves, will work perfectly! Never had a failure yet. I shall also be giving a talk to older children about The Touchstone Trilogy. The festival proper doesn't begin until the weekend (9th May).

On the evening of Thursday 8th I shall be in Edinburgh, visiting Fidra Books.

Fidra Books, if you haven't already heard about it, is both an independent children's bookshop, and an independent publisher. Fidra is under the management of Vanessa Robertson, protector and promoter of all that's worthwhile and wonderful in children's publishing. (And scourge of all that is not, I suspect). For those interested in writing for children, I shall be giving a talk on the subject, advising on how best to get your work in front of an agent or publisher. 7.30 kick off. Don't be late.

Fidra Books


Back from those cities of granite and light, Aberdeen and Edinburgh respectively. Not enough time to do much more than scratch the surface of what each has to offer, but a successful trip nevertheless. Thanks to all for looking after me - Karen and Fiona and Kay in Aberdeen, and Malcolm and Vanessa in Edinburgh. I'll be back, or so they tell me, and that can't be bad.


Kay Sexton said...

I just tagged you - hope the nearest book to you is NOT purely composed of pictures, although I suppose this would allow you to cop out!

Steve Augarde said...

Hallo Kay. What's all this 'tagging' business then? I keep hearing about it, but haven't really investigated as yet. is it like a chain letter or something?