Thursday, July 17, 2008

Doctor on Wheels

My friend Eddy says he saw a new kind of mobile trading van earlier this week: Doctor On Wheels. What a great idea. The van stops in lay-bys, apparently, so that busy motorists and truckers can get themselves a bit of treatment. I can see a whole new market opening up here - beaches, picnic areas, the car park outside B&Q.

Anyway, that’s it. I’ve decided to quit writing and illustrating and become a doctor on wheels instead. Already got my mobile surgery – a converted ice-cream van. See below.

Neat, eh? It plays the theme from ‘Doctor Finlay’s Casebook’ as I tootle along, and when I beep the horn it goes ‘Crash trolley! Crash trolley!’

I'm planning a special this week – Canesten cream with diazepam sprinkles and a flake. £47. Stop me and try one.


dovegreyreader said...

I like this idea could I buy into the franchise and do the mobile baby clinic for all the screaming kids? I could serve up Piriton candyfloss and knock them out for the rest of the journey.

Steve Augarde said...

Haha. Yes indeed, Lynne.

I seem to remember that a product called 'Fenergen' was the laudanum substitute of choice for us. I'm not sure I ever knew what it's actual paediatric purpose was meant to be, but for buying a couple of hours of peace it was a Godsend.

dovegreyreader said...

Ah yes Phenergan and Vallergan same family, anti-histamines and really you benefit from the side-effects of the drowsiness, except for some reason it makes those really sleepless children much worse, more wide-awake than ever.

Steve Augarde said...

Phenergan. That's the stuff!