Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bump the elephant ringtone!

A recent visit to You Tube shows that this little TV programme that I did the artwork and music for so many years ago has had over 100,000 visits. You can even find a clip of some young gun playing along with the guitar outro. What has happened, I suppose, is that the generation of tots who loved Bump in the early nineties have now become part of the YouTube and Facebook generation. Nostalgia at eighteen, though? Seems a bit premature to me. I'm very happy that the little fellow is still remembered, of course - he was a big part of my life for two or three years back there.

And now there's a Bump the Elephant ringtone available. How uber-cool is that?


Mark Kelly said...

very uber cool and also on your website. I just updated it ;-)

Steve Augarde said...

Hey - thanks Mark. Good man yerself.