Friday, November 07, 2008

Mr Tibbs

A number of readers have asked after Mr. Tibbs, our giraffe-necked cat. I'm not sure whether this is out of curiosity or concern, but I thought I'd put up this pic anyway.

He's a furry fellow, is Mr Tibbs, which makes it difficult to count the rings, but there are actually thirteen. Doing well. We work in cat years, so he gets a new one every couple of months.

It's all done in accordance with Mr. Tibbs' wishes and cultural beliefs, although I suspect there's an element of bling here. He doesn't like to be outshone by the ladies.

I must stress that on no account should you try this at home. Very few cats have the temperament for the giraffe-necked way of life, and the ring fitting process itself can be tricky. It requires proper training, and quite sophisticated pipe bending equipment. Also, the cat has to keep very still during fittings. Mr Tibbs was more or less born with his head in a vise, and so he's used to it.


Mr Vincent said...

Hi Steve,

You have given me inspiration to do me own blog so i am having a go.
If you get chance take a look it's about new children's books and collectables...


Steve Augarde said...

Great stuff. Can't have too many promoters of children's books, I say, and so I hope you'll do well. It's certainly looking good so far.