Friday, December 19, 2008

A Capella

A thread in another office reminded me of how much I love a capella singing. Spike Lee made a wonderful TV tribute film some years ago, called Spike Lee and Company do it A Capella. I thought I'd put up a couple of clips, if only as respite from all the awful Christmas crap that's flying around.

These are the Mint Juleps, with Your Love Keeps Lifting me Higher.

And just to show that I don't believe the devil has all the best tunes: Take Six, with Get Away Jordan and Something Within Me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Clic the pic

A cold, wet, wintry, Monday morning. I thought I'd post this sunny scene, just to brighten the place up a bit. It's an illustration I did years ago as part of an ad campaign for what was then the Great Mills DIY chain. Don't know what happened to them. I'm still here.

The above illustration was an early exploration of scraperboard technique. The ad agency in question would look through sample illustration catalogues, find a style that they liked, and then call me in. I don't think I'd ever properly used scraperboard prior to this commission.

Click on the picture to get a closer view.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Leonardo da Vinci

Coming soon, to a bookshop near you...

Actually that's a lie. It'll be some months before this book becomes available, but I couldn't resist giving readers a quick glimpse of the cover proof.

I've just returned from a week in the West Country, and so it was a nice surprise to find this waiting for me. The book takes the form of a diary, written by one of Leonardo's young apprentices. It's the second in a series that began with Adele Geras' Cleopatra