Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Very Yorkshire

I was talking to one of the locals last night about amusement arcades. He told me a story about a seaside holiday he'd had some years ago, with his wife and young son. Seaside resorts are full of amusement arcades, of course, and the boy was duly drawn towards them - desperate to get in there amongst all the bright lights.

The man explained to his son that such places exist only to take your money.
"Tha'll never get owt from them," he said. "But if tha' should ever be lucky enough to win anything, then hold onto it. Never give them a second chance, lad." And with this advice he handed the boy a fifty pence piece to gamble with.

They went over to a change machine, and the man showed his son where to put the money in, and which button to push. When the coins came rattling out of the machine, the man said, "Ee, lad! Look at that! Tha's won! Now follow ma advice, and quit while tha's ahead. Tha can buy us both an ice cream wi' that."

So that's what they did. As I say, very Yorkshire.

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