Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I know. It's been three weeks since I posted anything here. I haven't been away doing book tours or bob-sleighing in Biarritz or anything interesting like that. I've been here all along, sitting in front of my laptop, wandering the second circle of hell known as edits.

It's not easy. You come to the end of a project, tell yourself that it's ready to go, apart from a few minor tweaks, and start on the final edits. Those minor tweaks turn into major re-writes, and before you know it you're producing what amounts to a different book entirely. Your original deadline becomes a date in history, somewhere on a timeline with the Tudors. This is embarrassing, both professionally and financially. Your publisher takes you out to lunch and tells you to stop worrying, you're great, and your fifteen-year-old bank manager seems equally smiley and unconcerned.

But you're a writer, and you know the truth. Any day now gangsta people are going to come round and cut you.