Thursday, May 14, 2009

X Isle - first images.

Well, they're displaying the cover for X Isle on Amazon, and so I guess it's OK for me to show it here on my blog.

The jacket illustration is by Steve Stone, and a great piece of work in my opinion. I'm used to illustrating my own books and so I've been fascinated to see how others interpret the texts - first with the Touchstone Trilogy, and now with X Isle. It's actually very flattering. A bit like other musicians covering your songs, perhaps.


Mr Vincent said...

Hello Steve,

Very nice book cover.

Looking forward to reading a copy soon.

Long over due......

All the best.


Steve Augarde said...

Long overdue, as you say. Going through the hell of house moving at the moment, which doesn't exactly help the work rate. Bah!

(But thanks.)

Mr Vincent said...

Still in the same village?

It's nice area you live in,we some times go for a walk near you!

Hope the move goes well.


Steve Augarde said...

Yes, still the same village. It's big walking country round here - lots of people with dogs and crummocks. Makes me tired just to look at 'em!

Anonymous said...

awesome book cover, Mr.Augarde...can't wait for the book!

Steve Augarde said...

Thanks Remya. X Isle is very different from anything I've done before. Hope you like it.

Eric said...

Yay! Another book from Steve Augarde! Wondering when it will finally make its way to the United States since we JUST got "Winter Wood" a few months ago (wished it had the UK cover - consistent with your other woodcut covers...).

LOVE your books! The Various trilogy, as I tell any and all who will listen, are modern classics. Thank you for them. As a children's librarian here in California, I recommend them all the time!

Steve Augarde said...

Much appreciated, Eric. Reviews and comments are always welcome, but perhaps especially so from librarians. You have a great deal of influence over what children read, and so I'm delighted that you like my work well enough to recommend it. Thank you.