Monday, August 24, 2009

Bob who?

Heard a good Bob Dylan story on the radio this morning. Apparently His Bobness was playing a concert with Willie Nelson - I didn't catch the name of the town, think it might have been somewhere in New Jersey.

Bob decides to take a stroll through the Latin quarter, and someone reports seeing a suspicious old vagrant hanging around. A police car shows up and the 22 year old female officer questions Bob. He doesn't necessarily expect her to recognise his face, but surely she's familiar with his name? Nope, she's never heard of him, and the Bobster is driven back to his hotel in order to verify his identity.

I gather the girl took some stick from fellow officers down at the precinct. The chief offered to play her some of his old Dylan albums, but the musically challenged lass had never heard of vinyl either..


Mrs E said...

How can anyone on this planet not know of the marvellous Bob Dylan. What a story to tell her kids, (as presumably her friends don't know who he is either). Loved it.

Steve Augarde said...

Well, many decades have passed since Dylan was in his heyday so perhaps it's not so incredible. I suppose it would be the equivalent of a sixties kid never having heard of Jimmy Rodgers or Robert Johnson.