Sunday, August 09, 2009

First review for X Isle!

Two months before publication date, X Isle has just received its first review. Take a look, over at Mr. Ripley's Enchanted Books. The resourceful Mr. Ripley somehow managed to get hold of a printed proof copy, and I'm very glad that he did, despite the fact that at this point there were a number of final corrections yet to be made.

It becomes impossible, after a while, to judge one's own work. Editors too, through being so closely involved in the process, reach a point where they are no longer able to read with fresh eyes. Bits of text are inserted, bits are chopped out, last minute changes are made...a final polish...but is it actually any good? I'm sure none of us have a clue.

So then it's up to the bookseller, the critic, and the reader to deliver their verdicts. I can do nothing but sit on my hands, waiting to discover whether all the effort has been worthwhile. Mr. Ripley's top accolade, a five-out-of-five, is a tremendously encouraging start and I'm truly grateful.

Maybe now I'll be able to settle down a bit, and get on with some work.


Masha said...

Cant wait to read it myself. It sounds grand.
I've just recently written my very first short story. Its a very humbling experience. I've not felt so uncertain about anything in a long time. The thought of publishing it on my little blog brings on something like stage fright. I cant imagine what it must be like to wait for the reviews of your own book!

Steve Augarde said...

Masha, here's a tip. If you haven't already done so, join a writer's site. Francis Ford Coppola's 'Zoetrope' is both free and good. Here they have a short story wing where you will be able to get feedback from other short story writers. Writers don't automatically make the best critics, but it's far more valuable to be reviewed by your peers (who at least understand the process) than by friends and family. Give it a go.

Masha said...

I will! Thanks for that.

sal said...

Yay Steve!!!

Steve Augarde said...

Well, thank you!