Friday, August 14, 2009

Mr Tibbs update

For those who have enquired after Mr. Tibbs, my giraffe-necked cat, here he is again. I've added a couple more rings and he's starting to look positively Egyptian, I think.

The cat flap is becoming a bit of a problem for him - difficult to negotiate with dignity - and I might have to alter the dimensions soon. He is finding it easier to flush the toilet, however, which is a bonus for us both.

I've ordered steel rings for his next extension, currently pencilled in for early October. I thought we might have some fun with fridge magnets. Mr. Tibbs is nothing if not an exhibitionist, a feline boulevardier, and some extra bling never goes amiss when he's doing his rounds of the cafe-bars.

I must repeat my earlier warning - please don't try this at home. Very few cats are suited to the giraffe-necked way of life, and I don't want any irate parents contacting me to say that they've come home from work to find their moggy trussed up in washing line or TV cabling or whatever.


Hope said...

came across your site when I was pondering and looking for information on Amazon self publishing. I enjoyed reading your posts and the poor kitty Kat, but he looks beautiful. (But not for real???) I will visit again

Steve Augarde said...

Thanks Hope. No, you can rest assured - Mr Tibbs exists only in Photoshop.

Let me know how you get on with Amazon self publishing. A number of people have asked my opinion on whether it's actually visable, but I don't have much solid information to go on.

VictoriaArt said...

For real? Gravity would take care of that....
Certainly a regal thought!

I came across your blog while searching for 'Winter wood' in it's beautiful UK edition, you know which one I mean, with your own beautifully illustrated cover! So hard to come by here after it was first sold and I missed it!
I own and love the other two (of The Various trilogy), what magical story...
Can't wait to get my hands on this one as well!
Thank you, you make the world so much richer!
Read here and there in your blog, fun and I love your humor/sarcasm!


Steve Augarde said...

You're very kind. Thank you.