Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Writing in my sleep.

I've been and done it again. By day I'm a relatively normal fantasy author and illustrator, but when the moon rises I apparently undergo this strange metamorphosis, bursting out of my own skin to become a writer of non-fiction. Pretty wild, huh?

Here's my latest title, Business Letters Through Email, a snip at 313 rupees, and ascribed to me by a publisher called Petiwala Books. Very kind of them, I'm sure. Next time you get a 'business letter' from some Nigerian prince offering to inject squillions of pounds into your bank account you'll know who to blame. Me.

Long term readers of this blog may remember that I also managed to produce a book in German a few months ago - Sozialgesetzbuch viii - again unbeknownst to myself.

Quite impressive for someone who can say 'good morning' in German and very little else. I wish I knew how I did it - and more to the point when I can expect the royalties for my nocturnal efforts to start rolling in.

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