Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last review of the decade

I said to someone in an email today that this blog is in danger of becoming a perpetual plugging machine, but when you receive praise like the following (from ace US reviewer Robbie Fischer) it would be perverse to keep it to yourself.

A Fort Made Of Books

I always find New Year Eves to be faintly depressing - another year older and still no private jet etc. - so this cheered me up immensely. I've no excuses now not to venture out for a couple of shandies and a knees-up. Thanks Robbie, and a very Happy New Year to you my friend.

Monday, December 21, 2009

White Christmas?

A White Christmas certainly looks like a possibility from where I'm standing (at the window of my studio for this snap).

Here in West Yorkshire this is regarded as being a mere dusting of the white stuff. We can expect worse as winter progresses - or better, I suppose, depending on your outlook. Mine tends towards bah-humbuggery, and if all this disppears come Boxing Day, I shan't be sorry.

Having said that, I'm feeling quite smug because my new Get-A-Grips have just arrived...

Urban crampons, my brother in law calls them. You stretch them over the soles of your shoes, and the spiky studs keep you from slipsliding away, whilst all around are on their backsides in the gutter gazing up at you with envy.

I shall be able to stride out with confidence, and I'm planning an expedition to the Riverhead Brewery Tap later on, to make sure they work. It's only next door, but you have to start somewhere.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


A friend sent me this by email. Haha. Eat your vegetables, kids, before they eat you.

Very much after the work of 16th Century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, of course, whose horticultural grotesques prefigured surrealism.