Friday, May 14, 2010


Musician and writer friend Richard Madelin sent me this great clip of French band Sanseverino. It was a reminder of another French band we saw some years ago in Austin, Texas, and then again in San Francisco - '8 and a half Souvenirs'.

It's a wonderfully assured performance. I said to Richard that as the Americans are with Country music, so the French are with this. If an American musician sat down with a French musician, each would recognise and acknowledge the other's identity and style. Whereas if an English musician were to to turn up, he'd be recognisable to neither but would rob both.

Richard said that the English musician would rob both and still get it wrong.


Returning Scot said...

Nice music...and how come you've written so many kids' books? Music, art and books....mmm....three of my favourite things.

Steve Augarde said...

Well, I've been at it a long time I guess. And yes, the three things go together very well - at least they do for me.

I like your blog. A Scot's eye view of the unspeakably Norsk. Excellent.