Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stroh instruments

I'm a real sucker for old instruments, as some might have gathered. I like to restore things, the runtier the better, and bring them back to life. If I had but space and time, I'd be a one-man rescue centre for musical junk.

My dream would be a Stroh bass. There are only a handful left in the world, and I doubt one will ever come my way, let alone at a price I'd want to pay. The Stroh range of stringed instruments was developed for the early recording age, the idea being that the horns gave a directional sound and were thus easier to mike up.

This is the bass, pictured below. I've actually seen such a beast, in an antique shop on Kilburn High Road many years ago, but never played one. God knows what they sounded like, but boy do they look cool.

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