Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Kill A Mockingbird is 50.

It's half a century, now, since this most treasured of books was published. Here's an excellent article about Harper Lee, where she lives and how she lives, with insights into why Mockingbird remains her only novel.

To Kill A Mockingbird at 50

No film could ever quite live up to the book, but the 1962 Alan J. Pakula production comes very close. This was one of those rare occasions where Hollywood showed some respect for the original story, and left it largely intact. Lovely central performances from Mary Badham as Scout Finch, and Gregory Peck as Atticus....

...also notable for Robert Duvall's first screen appearance, as Boo Radley.

Nelle Harper Lee in the 'colored balcony' of the real courthouse where Tom Robinson's fictional trial is set. Local productions of Mockingbird are now regularly staged here.

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