Friday, July 30, 2010

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I often get emails from youngsters enquiring as to when I’ll be making a film of The Various, and whether I would consider auditioning them for a part? The assumption that the author of a novel will be heading up the film-making process is both touching and startling. My rueful reply is always the same: if only such decisions were up to me.

The truth is that in the filming of any book the author will probably be the last person to be consulted. Nevertheless, we live in hope.

X-Isle was recently submitted for an initiative, run in conjunction with the Rome International Film Festival, to find books suitable for film/tv adaptation. The Fondazione Cinema per Roma will select 8-12 titles which will then be presented to Italian and international producers taking part in New Cinema Network in October.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed, of course, but it would probably be medically inadvisable to hold my breath.

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