Sunday, August 08, 2010


Here's a  story to gladden the heart. I received this lovely email just today.

Dear Steve

I was walking through the Valley Gardens in Harrogate the other day, near the bandstand, when I spotted a book left on a bench in a polythene bag (the book, that is, not the bench) by an old gentleman. Being a public spirited old gentleman myself, I picked it up and was about to call the old gentleman, but he had disappeared. On closer inspection, I found that the book was not lost, only travelling the world in search of new readers, courtesy of

I am in the process of joining said organisation, but while I wait for my email confirmation to come through, I thought I'd google you too. I had never seen your work, and the book, (The Various), is silent about you, but your illustrations speak volumes - they are wonderful. I began illustrating a book in 1975. I may start on the text tomorrow, but no, I must start on your text tomorrow.

The Various has not come far since it started its 'travels' in Lincoln in 2008. It was left on a bench in a polythene bag (the book that is, not the bench), in a park, near the bandstand, by Stargirl...........

I have to say that Bookcrossing sounds like a wonderful idea, and I shall certainly be taking a closer look myself, with a view to joining.

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Jennifer Morian Frye said...

What a cool idea! I am thinking how to adapt this idea for possible use (on a smaller scale) in our library....but I MAY just be joining the 'real thing' also. How great that your book was found on a bench in a bag (the book, not the bench of course). Thanks for sharing that. Off to check out BookCrossing....